Avid is…


Avid…is artist, writer, sex-positive, anti-professional, hype-child, renegade, flower child.

Non-binary femme-fluid & trans.

Non-gendered pronouns in most situations (they, them, theirs & zie), more woman-identified when being well paid.

Please do your part to queer culture by not getting stuck in the past. Although humans have found it useful to make assumptions based on the past, things change! Common assumptions about gender, sexual preference, race/ethnicity, class and capability, need to evolve if you want to make it to the all-inclusive after party. It’s important to refresh your frame of mind so that you don’t miss out.

Ditch the dial up, set your thots free and enjoy the mutually beneficial relationship that exists when you join forces with the world that shaped you. Come online. Identify the necessary updates and love your-selfies. Enjoy the upgrades!

Once you’re here it’s good to check yourself. I’m aware of my light-skin privilege. I live in the United States in an area that supports artists. I’m considered able-bodied and can stand, walk, run and dance- for now. I’m Trans and I like talking about it. I’m a lifelong student. This list is not exhaustive.

However, I count among my greatest privileges the amazing -people-, I have made art with, been inspired by and learned from.
I am the result of their nurture. I’m alive because of the people who cared enough to help me care about myself. Life’s still tough, but it might be worth it.


Contact via: iamthegadfly@gmail.com