The physics of our time here in space.

I think this is physics
that some people
react to social repression
by pulling so tightly
into themselves that
Their gravity all pulls against each other and against each other and against each other and they compress and expand
Pulling and pushing at the same time
so constant
so imminent
so stopping
so present
so absent
so close
so far away
so rapid & slow
That they can’t
unfocus their focus
enough to
perceive it…
Getting numb
from all the stimulation
And lack thereof
And stimulation
And lack thereof
Shorting out again and again
traumatized neurons in their wake
Dependent on severity of intensity to rerouse a
Propensity to feel.
To let feeling wash over
To let feeling wash out
To be to given feeling and receive feeling and be feeling.
To let up and be like water
To assuage the fearful
To caress the needy
To be quiet sometimes
To be a soft voice
To take care of everyone
Offer shelter…
hold space
can’t hold space
as it unravels.
despite that being the only way to ever be in it.

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